Unfortunately drugs are all around and easy to get hold of. Young people are very vulnerable but there are warning signs to be aware of that a child may be using drugs:

These first three are ones to really look out for.

  1. A gradual loss of interest in hobbies and sport.
  2. Reduced interest in personal hygiene and grooming
  3. Decline in performance in school.

These first three are all activities that naturally produce a high, they make the person feel good. They may be getting their ‘highs’ met by drugs, hence their declining interest in getting natural highs. These are possible red flags, however don’t just assume they are taking drugs immediately there may be other causes, start to look for other clues before jumping to conclusions.

4.Sudden irregular mood swings

5. Staying out more, possibly with a new circle of friends

6. Sores and rashes, especially around the mouth.

7. Excessive tiredness

8. Loss of appetite

9. Excessive spending or borrowing of money

10. Use of deodorants, aftershave, perfume etc to hide the smell of drugs.

The first port of call as always is your GP. who will be able to put you in touch with a drug  counsellor66381076_855003401553647_1505559730020417536_n