Getting A Handle On Limiting Beliefs Can Have A Positive Influence On Your Life

Any belief that does not work in your best interest and helps you to become a better person is considered a limiting belief. These types of beliefs are the result of things that happened to you in childhood, usually due to your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers and others who have come into your life.

These individuals create your perception of the world.

So, when you finally become an adult, they are rooted deep into your subconscious and don’t give them much thought. It’s similar to your belief that the world isn’t flat and the grass is green.

Due to these beliefs being deeply rooted in your subconscious, it’s possible you don’t know they exist. It won’t be until you’re struggling for success that you start to question why bad things are happening to you. You must release these beliefs and incorporate new, more positive ones so that you can be productive in life.

What can you do to eliminate the beliefs and ensure your success?

Look Deep Within Yourself To Find Those Limiting Beliefs

Be sure to look at all aspects of your life to figure out where things are most difficult for you. What kinds of feelings do you have? What are your thoughts about these areas in which you are having problems?

One way you know if a limiting belief exists is if, even with meditation or exercise, nothing appears to be going your way. This may mean that you have a deep emotional belief that is affecting you from making the changes you desperately want to change.

For instance, if your goal is to improve your health using positive thoughts about diet and exercise, but you’re still finding yourself struggling with it, you could have a problem with food and workouts that keep you from making the necessary changes.

Who Influenced Your Beliefs

When you realize you have limiting beliefs, you need to think back to who influenced you to think the way you do. What did you hear people saying about diet and exercise? What phrases were commonly used to describe the situation? Were you told that if you ate too much, you’d get fat? Or, if you didn’t exercise that you were unhealthy?

What about money? You may have negative beliefs about money because you were constantly told money doesn’t come out of thin air or that the rich get richer while the poor just get poorer.

What kinds of actions took place while you were around regarding the negative situations? What you heard and saw will affect the beliefs you have, influencing you in how you see the things in your life.

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