Most people have no idea that they’re going through life with a pre-programmed mindset. The programming is the result of outside forces or individuals who have some sort of influence in their life. For example, children are heavily influenced by their parents and grandparents. These individuals’ beliefs are passed down to their children – to think or see one particular way about something.

For that reason, it should be of no surprise that this leads to ingrained limiting beliefs. With so many outside influences, people may wonder how they can eliminate their current limiting beliefs and create beliefs that fit the mold they are in.

Everybody has some sort of belief system – at various levels of feelings and thoughts – be it by words, scent, sounds, etc. However, a belief system with limiting beliefs means a person may constantly be aggravated or frustrated as they have no understanding as to why they can’t have something good happen to them in their lives.

Where Did These Beliefs Derive From?

Where did you get your beliefs from? How are they influencing you and the choices and thoughts you have? How is your negativity influencing them? For those who would rather not have limiting beliefs, there is hope. There are various methods and resources to help you eliminate these negative influencers and instill positive ones instead. What are some of these techniques that can be used to retrain your mind to think more positive? They include:

• Hypnotherapy
•Mind Mediation

  • Meridian Psychotherapy
  • M.E.L.T  (Mind Emotion Liberation Technique)
  • Mindscaping

Note: (All these therapies are available at K Holistic Therapy)

It is your own personal set of beliefs that factor into which one is right for you. When you think or talk negatively, you start to see things in a negative tone. Why is that? The universe sees to it that anything you feel reverberates back to you – good or bad. Therefore, if you are thinking negatively, you are only going to feel negativity. If you feel positive, you will experience positivity.

When you allow for limiting beliefs to dictate your life, they keep you from going after just what you want. These beliefs play a huge role in your self-worth and give you some sense of optimism. What you decide to believe in your limiting thoughts, your behavior is a reflection of that decision.

Now, ask yourself this one question, “Should I continue believing in those that keep me from being happy and fulfilled?” If the answer is no, then you need to focus on eliminating those negative thoughts and focus on the things that you want to ensure you get what you desire.

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This book can be a great resource to help identify and overcome limiting beliefs click here to read more