If you have decided that now is a good time to stop the smoking habit, then you’ll be pleased to know that hundreds of thousands of people have already released themselves from the grip of nicotine and you can do it too.

You need to fulfill the commitment you have made with yourself and with those close to you. The first step is to alter your thinking and become and optimist.  You must change your habits, meaning any of the habits that lead you to smoke.

You need to think of all the good reasons to quit, but only those that make sense to you, personally, and think how much better your life would be if you quit smoking, but use specific reasons.  Write down the reasons you started smoking and the reasons you want to quit.  Again, these must be your own reasons!  Do not just use the reasons from anti-smoking ads you see on television or reasons others have used, they will not work unless they are reasons to which you are emotionally attached.  This will give you strength.

If you properly condition yourself mentally then you can certainly realize the commitment you have made to yourself. People are generally scared of the withdrawal effects without giving thought to the long term benefits of quitting. They never think that the pleasure, comfort and enjoyment that they are getting from smoking is short term. These feelings exist at a subconscious level. Studies say that we experience 60,000 thoughts a day, and unfortunately when you are scared of quitting smoking a high percentage of those thoughts can be negative.

So, remember, write it down.  Write down the reasons you want to quit smoking and use those reasons to start to motivate yourself. It’s not an easy task, but many have gone before you so you know it’s possible.

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