Meditate For Peace

The benefits of meditation for peace and joy

When the word meditation comes to mind, the image that comes to mind is a bunch of Buddhist monks sitting cross legged chanting Auhm. However, meditation is one of the most widely practiced stress management technique worldwide. There are many benefits that you can derive from meditating. So let’s look at some of the benefits that meditation has to offer.

Meditation helps you control your own thoughts. Man has conquered space and Mount Everest. But the most difficult thing to conquer is your own mind. Even the greatest minds on Earth are not able to control their thoughts. Look at Van Gogh. He succumbed to his thoughts and committed suicide. They are not able to reject their negative thoughts and focus on the positive. However, the art of meditation teaches that not only that you can control your own thoughts, you can also reject your negative thoughts. Through meditation, you will be able to create the peace of mind that you always wanted.

Meditation also teaches you detachment. It is easy to get annoyed by all the little things in life. It may be the jam to work in the morning, the rude lady that cut your queue. Every little small thing may annoy you. No matter how you try and avoid these problems, they will also keep appearing and we need to get used to do that. Meditation will help you develop detachment and also keep your mind in perspective. Through meditation, you will be able to detach yourself from all these irritating little nuisances.

Meditation also helps you discover the purpose of life. If you are feeling empty inside, meditation allows you the time that you need to examine yourself inwardly and helps you gain a greater understanding on life. You will start to relax and you will be able to view your life from a whole different perspective.

Lastly meditation leads to happiness and peace of mind. As we have pointed out before, it helps you control your thoughts. So it is out with the negative thoughts and in with the positive energy. It detaches you from little petty problems and also helps you discover the purpose of life. So try meditating today to live a better life tomorrow.

Meditation in 5 easy steps

Meditation involves silencing our mind. It is not an intellectually activity. Think of it as a tool to relax your whole self, and also for better health. It also can be a valuable tool to discover one’s self. The core of meditation is to focus and eventually quiet your mind. As you get better at it, you will find that you can meditate anywhere, anytime. However for beginners, doing it is not as easy as saying it. So how exactly do you meditate?

  1. Make time

When you are starting to learn how to meditate, you need to set aside enough time in your daily routine for meditation. It can be any time of the day. You may set time for meditation at the start of the day or you can put it at the end of the day as a means of relaxing. However, it is recommended that the easiest time to meditate is in the morning because your body is not tired and your mind is still fresh.

2. Find a quiet space.

Once you find the time to meditate, you need to choose a suitable space to meditate. Create an environment that doesn’t have any noise or distractions. Turn off the television set or your handphone. You can put some music on but make sure it’s calm, repetitive and gentle as so not to distract you.3. Relax

Sit on a level ground. Remember to keep your back straight. This will help with your breathing. Remember to relax your arms and legs. They don’t need to be in a special position. The most important part is that you are relaxed. Now start searching for part of your bodies that are not relaxed. It could be face muscles or certain parts of your body. Try relaxing all of them.

4. Concentrate on something

It may be hard to control our thoughts through the power of mind. So to silence your mind, try to focus your mind on something. It may be a simple mantra or it may be concentration on a flower or a candle.

5. Silence your mind.

Once you are focused, now you can clear up your mind.  This requires discipline and it is alright if you are not able to master it immediately.

Most importantly, meditation is something done with intensity and focus, once you achieved that, you have reached the pinnacle of meditation. So try it at home today and you’ll find yourself feeling better than you have ever been before.




5G at 60Ghz resonates with the oxygen molecule and gives oxygen a reverse polarity that makes it much less usable to the human body. At high concentrations of 5G usage you get suffocation of humans at street level. And at lower doses you get flu like symptoms which are the exact same symptoms as the flu with this lowered oxygen uptake by the body. But the way 5G kills is much more interesting.

Our bodies have trillions of parasitic organisms inside which feed on us and some say help us live by doing many useful functions. But when these bacteria, fungi, and parasites are subjected to any WIFI microwave radiations they are harmed and begin reproducing toxins in self defense. These organisms begin reproducing rapidly to ensure their survival. And so we get flu like symptoms from these internal parasite organisms under attack from WIFI microwave radiations reproducing rapidly and excreting toxins. This is the real illness people are getting not a bio-weapon coronavirus.

2G has ten microwave frequencies assigned to it, 3G has ten also, 4G has five frequencies with some overlaps, but 5G has 3000 microwave frequencies assigned to it by the FCC. Why so many? So 5G should really be called 297G not 5G. So with this 5G rollout in China, Korea, Italy, Iran, and cruise ships we have the greatest concentrations of 5G usage and the greatest concentrations of illness and death in the world. Our internal parasites are like canaries in a mine and are being killed off rapidly from this 5G usage. When this happens too quickly the body can not get rid of the increased toxins and the host (you) die from toxemia. Our human cells are all tied together and form a much stronger union but our many parasitic hosts inside us are much more isolated within us and much more vulnerable to this WIFI microwave radiations. They try to survive by multiplying rapidly and making toxins to protect them from harm but it is no use and they die with 5G. And with their rapid death our bodies (at least of older and less healthy human) are overwhelmed by toxins very quickly and we die from the combined effects of lowered oxygen uptake from 5G and also from the massive overpopulation and then die off of our internal biomass of germs and parasites which creates overwhelming toxemia.

When the Chinese locked down the people in Wuhan they turned to their new 5G phones and internet connections and so the city was flooded with much more 5G WIFI radiations and made many more people fall sick and die. Many people even fell sick instantly at street level from oxygen deficiency which previously had no sickness. A massive cloud of 5G 60Ghz microwave radiations caused oxygen in the air to fall below critical levels for survival. Yesterday all of Asia turned off their 5G and left on only their 3G and 4G systems to communicate so they know 5G is the real cause of the illnesses.

So turn off your smartphones or put them in an aluminum pouch until you need to use them to lessen radiation exposure to yourself and everyone else. That is the real thing you must do instead of washing your hands to protect others. And if you would heal your elderly and grand parents put them in a Faraday cage where they will not be irradiated constantly by WIFI signals that are all around us especially in hospitals. Then their sick bodies may heal themselves in time as the toxemia clears from their bodies.

All of my 150 plus articles can be reprinted and translated anywhere without permission. — J.E. Joe Ante

Dealing With Corona Virus

How To Protect Yourself From The Corona Virus

As of March 11th, 2020, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been recognized as a worldwide pandemic. We have known about the virus ever since it hit China last month, but now that it is at your door you need to protect yourself. Identifying symptoms, too, is important so that you can get help and avoid infecting others.

Don’t Panic

It is important to stay calm and focused on reality. While this situation and the word pandemic are very scary, panic only minimizes our ability to think rationally. One of the greatest ways to curtail panic is with knowledge and awareness.


First, let’s talk about what you need in order to prepare.

  • The main thing you might face is prolonged periods of quarantine. This has happened in China and Italy both, so it may happen to you. In the case of quarantine, you will have to stay inside your home.
  • According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are some key things you can do to prepare (just in case):

  • “Create an emergency contact list.” This should include emergency contacts for neighbors, friends, family, your health care team, employers, schools and your local health department.

  • “Learn about your employer’s emergency operations plan.” Find out exactly what your plan covers as to sick leave, work from home possibilities and how your employer plans to deal with this outbreak.

  • Most important, stay informed, look to credible sources for information about COVID-19 and reject gossip and hype, which only propagate panic and anxiety.


Let’s talk about what you can do to prevent getting the virus in the first place.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), clean your hands often for at least 20 seconds each wash. Definitely wash your hands after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing, or having been in a public place.

If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Soap and water are better than hand sanitizer if they are available, so please don’t stock pile hand sanitizer.

Clean your home well and regularly.

The CDC precautions continue, saying whenever possible avoid touching surfaces in public areas that are touched by many, such as doorknobs, handrails, and elevator buttons. Handshakes need to be postponed for now. You can use your sleeve or a tissue when you touch these. Wash your hands right after contact.

Stay away from anyone you know who has a cold or flu symptoms. The World Health Organization recommends at least a 3-foot distance away from someone who is coughing or sneezing.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), you should follow safe respiratory hygiene. When sneezing or coughing, make sure to cover nose and mouth with either a bent elbow or tissue. Throw away all tissues right after use. This is because droplets spread virus by way of spores.

Both the WHO and the CDC advise that if you are sick, stay home. Even when you don’t know if it is Corona or just a cold, it is better to stay home until you feel well again.

According to a medical professional who spoke with CNN on March 10, 2020, a 6-foot distance between people is a safe bet.

Dr. William Schaffner, an internist and infectious disease specialist from Vanderbilt University told CNN on March 9, that the elderly and those with existing compromised health are best served by staying away from crowds, so for now postpone going to concerts, philharmonic and other places where large crowds gather in small spaces.

As of March 11, 2020, the authorities recommend not gathering in large crowds of 500 or more for everyone, hence the cancellation of sporting events around the US, including March Madness, the closing of Disneyland and the cancellation of various conventions. Respiratory infection spreads faster in poor ventilated areas and closed in settings.

Who Is At Highest Risk?

Older adults (Over 60) and those who have existing medical conditions including, lung disease, heart disease and diabetes will suffer the most and have the highest mortality rate if infected, according to the CDC.

The director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Dr. Nancy Messonnier says, the highest risk of COVID-19 is for those over age 80 who have other medical conditions.

If you or someone you know fits into a high risk category, stock up on groceries and any required medications, leave space between you and others, avoid crowds and travel, clean your hands and your house often, and stay home as much as possible.


Normal Symptoms:


The CDC lists the following symptoms to look for, which are much like a cold:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If you have the normal symptoms, call your health care provider for an evaluation.

Emergency warning signs:

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish face or lips

If you experience the emergency warning signs, seek medical assistance immediately.


Obviously, if you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 you should see your doctor or seek emergency services immediately to get tested and do not come into contact with others to prevent spread.

More Information and Resources

  • General hygiene and cleanliness along with correspondence with your health care provider will go a long way.
  • Wash your hands for twenty seconds often, especially after touching things many others have touched.
  • Clean your house regularly, especially high use surfaces.

For more information on COVID-19, consult the CDC at

World Health Organization –

The Resolute Pact

The Resolute Pact, the latest therapeutic process from the Sanomentology program, has just been released exclusively to the team. This is a process created to work in a client led, content free way, to firstly allow any unfinished business locked in the amygdala to be resolved and released. then it goes on to remove and change negative and destructive emotions and programs linked to memories, and finally makes a pact with the unconscious mind to work on future problems in a calm and collective manner to prevent further negative issues or programs being created.
Book a session with your nearest Sanomentologist, or join us on the training to access this program as part of the package.

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How You Can Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs

Most people have no idea that they’re going through life with a pre-programmed mindset. The programming is the result of outside forces or individuals who have some sort of influence in their life. For example, children are heavily influenced by their parents and grandparents. These individuals’ beliefs are passed down to their children – to think or see one particular way about something.

For that reason, it should be of no surprise that this leads to ingrained limiting beliefs. With so many outside influences, people may wonder how they can eliminate their current limiting beliefs and create beliefs that fit the mold they are in.

Everybody has some sort of belief system – at various levels of feelings and thoughts – be it by words, scent, sounds, etc. However, a belief system with limiting beliefs means a person may constantly be aggravated or frustrated as they have no understanding as to why they can’t have something good happen to them in their lives.

Where Did These Beliefs Derive From?

Where did you get your beliefs from? How are they influencing you and the choices and thoughts you have? How is your negativity influencing them? For those who would rather not have limiting beliefs, there is hope. There are various methods and resources to help you eliminate these negative influencers and instill positive ones instead. What are some of these techniques that can be used to retrain your mind to think more positive? They include:

• Hypnotherapy
•Mind Mediation

  • Meridian Psychotherapy
  • M.E.L.T  (Mind Emotion Liberation Technique)
  • Mindscaping

Note: (All these therapies are available at K Holistic Therapy)

It is your own personal set of beliefs that factor into which one is right for you. When you think or talk negatively, you start to see things in a negative tone. Why is that? The universe sees to it that anything you feel reverberates back to you – good or bad. Therefore, if you are thinking negatively, you are only going to feel negativity. If you feel positive, you will experience positivity.

When you allow for limiting beliefs to dictate your life, they keep you from going after just what you want. These beliefs play a huge role in your self-worth and give you some sense of optimism. What you decide to believe in your limiting thoughts, your behavior is a reflection of that decision.

Now, ask yourself this one question, “Should I continue believing in those that keep me from being happy and fulfilled?” If the answer is no, then you need to focus on eliminating those negative thoughts and focus on the things that you want to ensure you get what you desire.

new mind mediatorlimiting beliefs cover

This book can be a great resource to help identify and overcome limiting beliefs click here to read more

From negative to positive

Getting A Handle On Limiting Beliefs Can Have A Positive Influence On Your Life

Any belief that does not work in your best interest and helps you to become a better person is considered a limiting belief. These types of beliefs are the result of things that happened to you in childhood, usually due to your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers and others who have come into your life.

These individuals create your perception of the world.

So, when you finally become an adult, they are rooted deep into your subconscious and don’t give them much thought. It’s similar to your belief that the world isn’t flat and the grass is green.

Due to these beliefs being deeply rooted in your subconscious, it’s possible you don’t know they exist. It won’t be until you’re struggling for success that you start to question why bad things are happening to you. You must release these beliefs and incorporate new, more positive ones so that you can be productive in life.

What can you do to eliminate the beliefs and ensure your success?

Look Deep Within Yourself To Find Those Limiting Beliefs

Be sure to look at all aspects of your life to figure out where things are most difficult for you. What kinds of feelings do you have? What are your thoughts about these areas in which you are having problems?

One way you know if a limiting belief exists is if, even with meditation or exercise, nothing appears to be going your way. This may mean that you have a deep emotional belief that is affecting you from making the changes you desperately want to change.

For instance, if your goal is to improve your health using positive thoughts about diet and exercise, but you’re still finding yourself struggling with it, you could have a problem with food and workouts that keep you from making the necessary changes.

Who Influenced Your Beliefs

When you realize you have limiting beliefs, you need to think back to who influenced you to think the way you do. What did you hear people saying about diet and exercise? What phrases were commonly used to describe the situation? Were you told that if you ate too much, you’d get fat? Or, if you didn’t exercise that you were unhealthy?

What about money? You may have negative beliefs about money because you were constantly told money doesn’t come out of thin air or that the rich get richer while the poor just get poorer.

What kinds of actions took place while you were around regarding the negative situations? What you heard and saw will affect the beliefs you have, influencing you in how you see the things in your life.

limiting beliefs cover

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Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Have A More Fulfilling Life


There are good beliefs and bad beliefs – each one affecting your life in some form or fashion. For example, your good beliefs are created to assist you throughout life while your bad beliefs can hinder you from being successful in life – to stop you from moving forward in life.

If you’re tired of feeling like the world is against you, it’s time for you to make a change.

Bad beliefs are what is known as limiting beliefs (limiting you to what you believe you can do, can have or experience). You can eliminate these beliefs permanently, but you need to understand that they are protecting you… for some reason.

Limiting beliefs are not inherited at birth. After all, you did not come into this life thinking it was difficult to make money or friends. You didn’t just think you’re short or not very bright. You never thought you were a terrible person.

Your beliefs were instilled during childhood due to your experiences and things you heard when young. The majority of beliefs come about before you turn six years old, which means you never know when the belief came about.

It is possible to learn what led to the belief if you think back on the experiences you had or the statements that you heard in childhood. For example, you may have heard that money does not grow on trees, which makes you think negative about money.

When your beliefs were being formed, it caused the subconscious mind created an internal image of who you are because of those beliefs. Every time a belief formed, the subconscious mind included it into the blueprint. This blueprint affects every part of your life – actions, experiences and thoughts. The only part of you that knows the blueprint is the subconscious mind, and it’ll work extremely hard to keep up the image.

Unless you change the blueprint, it will stop you from getting what you want in your life. These limiting beliefs will control your thoughts and actions in your life. When you want or desire something, you need to think beyond the blueprint or else your limiting beliefs will rear their ugly head and keep you from attaining what it is you want.

Are you tired of living a negative life? If so, then it may be your limiting beliefs holding you back. If you want to get more joy from your life, you need to make positive changes to your blueprint.

If you want to find out more about smashing through your limiting beliefs we have a very hand guide in ebook format. Click here for details

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Changing Negative Beliefs

4 Steps To Changing A Negative Belief Into A Positive One

If you’ve heard them term limiting beliefs, you may have wondered what they are. Simply put, they are negative ideas and thoughts your subconscious mind has stored – beliefs that are the result of experiences throughout your life (childhood and adulthood). Why are they limiting? These thoughts keep you from growing and being successful.

If you want to get past these negative beliefs, you just need to remember a few things that can help you do just that!

Take Charge Of The Belief System

The first way you can start getting rid of the negative beliefs is to learn more about the way you think, what your ideals are and what kinds of values you have. Once you’ve understand them, you can separate them based on how society looks at them. Are your beliefs based on others’ acceptance? Is the belief based on something negative in your life?

When you can differentiate the beliefs, you give yourself the chance to learn more about who you are and can dig deep into your own belief system. It allows you to differentiate the good beliefs from the limiting ones, allowing you to make corrections as you see fit.

Accept The Limiting Beliefs You Have

Before you can start to let go of the limiting beliefs you have, you need to accept them first. The beliefs you have are just reflections of the person you are right now. Your life experiences have allowed you to attain and get what you have (good and bad). Some of these experiences may have been traumatic, which has led to negative thoughts and beliefs.

The reality is that negative experiences are going to happen. They can be detrimental to your health, making you believe that the world is not all good. These kinds of beliefs are subconscious, and the only way you can change them is to accept that it’s your past and to let these experiences fall to the wayside.

Let Your Limiting Beliefs Go

Once the negative beliefs have been accepted, you can start letting them go. By breaking away from them, you’ll begin to feel happier about yourself and life. It will be like the world lifted off your shoulders. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, giving you hope and the opportunity to make the changes you want so badly for yourself.

Establish Your Positive Beliefs

If you desire change, it’s time to build your new belief system that includes joyfulness and success. Any new positive belief will assist you in the journey of being someone better than today. When you create new positive beliefs, you allow yourself to be more confident and motivated to accomplish your goals. No one and nothing will stop you from ascertaining them.

Best of all, you’ll be happier to have overcome the negative thoughts because you accepted that you had them and changed them to something positive.

You can learn much more about dealing with the curse of negative beliefs with our latest ebook at this link limiting beliefs cover