Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Have A More Fulfilling Life


There are good beliefs and bad beliefs – each one affecting your life in some form or fashion. For example, your good beliefs are created to assist you throughout life while your bad beliefs can hinder you from being successful in life – to stop you from moving forward in life.

If you’re tired of feeling like the world is against you, it’s time for you to make a change.

Bad beliefs are what is known as limiting beliefs (limiting you to what you believe you can do, can have or experience). You can eliminate these beliefs permanently, but you need to understand that they are protecting you… for some reason.

Limiting beliefs are not inherited at birth. After all, you did not come into this life thinking it was difficult to make money or friends. You didn’t just think you’re short or not very bright. You never thought you were a terrible person.

Your beliefs were instilled during childhood due to your experiences and things you heard when young. The majority of beliefs come about before you turn six years old, which means you never know when the belief came about.

It is possible to learn what led to the belief if you think back on the experiences you had or the statements that you heard in childhood. For example, you may have heard that money does not grow on trees, which makes you think negative about money.

When your beliefs were being formed, it caused the subconscious mind created an internal image of who you are because of those beliefs. Every time a belief formed, the subconscious mind included it into the blueprint. This blueprint affects every part of your life – actions, experiences and thoughts. The only part of you that knows the blueprint is the subconscious mind, and it’ll work extremely hard to keep up the image.

Unless you change the blueprint, it will stop you from getting what you want in your life. These limiting beliefs will control your thoughts and actions in your life. When you want or desire something, you need to think beyond the blueprint or else your limiting beliefs will rear their ugly head and keep you from attaining what it is you want.

Are you tired of living a negative life? If so, then it may be your limiting beliefs holding you back. If you want to get more joy from your life, you need to make positive changes to your blueprint.

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Beliefs Are Just Your Perception Of Reality


Your limiting beliefs began small – a minor interpretation of a perceived reality due to something happening to you or around you. You look at the event through the experiences you’ve had already in your life – things you know – and then construe them in a view that works for you.

It may make sense to you at the time, and it’s only solidified when something else happens to reaffirm the first instance. With more and more instances such as these, it only reconfirms what you think you know. It creates a shape of belief. The more confirmed that belief is, the stronger it will become.

Your Belief Will Become A Part Of Your Subconscious

It won’t be long before the belief becomes a part of who you are that you’ll no longer think about it. It becomes part of the subconscious belief system. Think of the human brain as a computer. It starts with the most common task to confirm the belief in conjunction with others already in the system. Whatever a person believes, the brain confirms it repeatedly.

The way nature has allowed the brain to work; the brain can prevent insecure feelings. The more solid the beliefs it has, the better off a person will be against the world.

The brain will choose ways in which to confirm a belief. It subconsciously looks at and interprets information that confirms what a person believes. Anything else that contradicts this will be ignored. These beliefs come together and give people their point of view of how the world is. This means your view of the world will differ from your best friend.

Your Beliefs Can Limit You

As your beliefs become more part of you, they can hinder you from being more than you can be. Any beliefs you have in childhood can carry on with you into adulthood. And, some beliefs you attain later in life – some of these will hinder you from being able to enjoy new things in your life, take part in events going on or even keep you from taking the next leap in life (despite the clear road).

What Can You Do?

If you want to overcome these limiting beliefs, there are four things you must do:

• Recognize what the beliefs are
• Question them
• Come up with a replacement belief
• Enforce and reaffirm the belief

It’s important to understand that you can change just one belief at a time. Trying to change them all simultaneously will cause your body to shut down and go into crisis mode. Focus on just one belief. When you manage to successfully overcome it, focus on another belief to change it.

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35 years and still travelling the road

Looking back again over the last 35 years as a therapist, I recall the first day I stepped into the Northern Institute of Massage which at the time was located in Blackpool. The NIM was founded in 1924 when massage was still being used a lot in hospitals. When they stopped using it in favour of electrotherapy (mainly because many more could be treated at a time, not necessarily because it was better) many schools shut down but the Northern as it was called, and another college keep going, keeping the knowledge alive. It was recommended to me by an Osteopath who had a practice across the road from it who also did some teaching at the college. I had dilgently been studying the first lessons of the course before attending the first practical session taken by the imposing figure of Mr Ken Woodward the principal. It was a great time chatting with fellow students and learning this new therapy. Back then masage was still associated with seedy massage parlours which was a travesty for such a very effective form of physical therapy.Some sports teams did use it but still then a lot of ‘physios’ were former players who just dashed on with the bucket and sponge even in first division soccer clubs as they still were then. Fast forward to today and every club has a massage therapist, probably every professional and many amateurs sports teams employ one. There are lots of training schools, lots of different massage modalities to choose from. The first thing we learnt was swedish body massage, and I was able to work P/t in a gym in Blackpool, it was good experience and enabled me to really get to learn the techniques. Clients were few but the ones I had returned regularly. Through contiuned study, I eventually qualifed in Remedial Massage and opend a clinic treating people for musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries. Not many people then admitted to having massage treatments, often for reasons already stated, now it is very common place. How many people have now not had a massage?

Why Play Sports?



For children everywhere, it is easy to become stimulated by the various technology and other things that are around them. For some, it may seem like a struggle to tear your child away from the technology that is so available and ready for them. If you want to make sure that your child is receiving a well-rounded childhood, then there are options that you can consider in order to make sure that they benefit from being young.

With all of the abilities for youth to stay indoors, it is best to begin to show them that being outdoors can be just as beneficial. Playing sports will not only help them to get the activities that there body needs, but will help them to keep the ideal of staying shape in mind when they are older. It is becoming more common for children and youth to grow up overweight or obese, even from the age of five. The problem is becoming so prevalent, that several children are having problems such as type two diabetes and asthma.

No matter what age your child is, they should be getting some type of physical activity every day. It doesn’t need to be anything vigorous, but should be something to get them moving and away from the easier stimulation in front of the television or Internet. If your child is moving for at least thirty minutes a day, it will prevent the problems that children are growing up to have with their health. By having something where the child is being encouraged to move around and is doing it with their peers, it will be easier to build a foundation for good physical health through activity.

If you are interested in your child staying healthy, then making sure that they play sports will give you the ability to become substantial in what they need for their physical health. It will first prevent complications in their current health, beginning with obesity, and going into more severe problems. Making sure that they stay physically healthy will also stay with them for the rest of their lives, making sure that they understand the importance of moving throughout the day.

Do You Believe in Your Own Potential?

While we all have dreams and aspirations, few of us are fully aware of our own potential. It can be hard to see the truly good and admirable traits in ourselves, just like it is our faults. However, believing in your own potential is a crucial part of developing your self-confidence.In order to achieve all, you’re capable of, you have to believe in the potential you have. It can help you to try new things, challenge yourself, and take risks that could all lead to success. Here are a few ways you can determine if you believe in your potential.Spend Time in Self-Reflection The first way to determine if you believe in your own potential is to spend time in self-reflection. Ask yourself what you are capable of; what are your strengths and admirable qualities. This time spent determining your potential is valuable to who you are as a person and achieving your full potential. During this time, try to focus on the following:● What is your potential?● What do you want to achieve?● Do you truly believe you can achieve it?● What can you do with this potential?Focusing on these things and answering these questions will help you to identify your potential and believe in it more strongly.

Write Down What You See As Your Full Potential Now that you’ve had time to reflect on what your potential is, you can list the qualities and skills that entails. This will help you affirm what your potential is and your belief in it. Study this list and keep it with you, being sure to look at it whenever you feel yourself doubting your potential. This will help you keep your potential in the forefront of your mind and helping you to truly believe in your potential.

Prove Your Potential to Yourself For some to truly believe in something, they need to see it. This even extends to what they believe about themselves. A great way to truly believe in your potential is to prove to yourself you have it. Act on it; challenge yourself by pushing the limits of your potential. This challenge can be career-, hobby-, or relationship-oriented, so long as it challenges you and forces you to showcase your full potential. Once you’ve achieved the goal you set for yourself and fully showcased your potential, you’ll not only have a well-earned sense of accomplishment and confidence, but you’ll also fully believe in your potential without doubts.

Surround Yourself with People that Believe in Your Potential We all like to think we don’t let others affect us, but the reality is that the people around us, especially those close to you, do have an effect on us and our emotions. If those close to you doubt your potential, you’re likely to do the same. You don’t need that negative influence in your life. Instead, surround yourself with people that believe in your potential and encourage you to achieve all you can. Their positive influence will provide you with encouragement and help you to see and believe in your potential. We all have a river of potential inside us, but few people truly recognize and believe in that potential. Believing in your own potential is an essential part of your confidence and success. If you believe you are capable of accomplishing something, you’re far more likely to actually accomplish it. However, believing in your own potential may not come as easily for you as it does for others. It’s often something we have to work on and prove to ourselves before we believe it. Hopefully this will have helped you to see and believe in your potential

Have you chosen to stop smoking?

If you have decided that now is a good time to stop the smoking habit, then you’ll be pleased to know that hundreds of thousands of people have already released themselves from the grip of nicotine and you can do it too.

You need to fulfill the commitment you have made with yourself and with those close to you. The first step is to alter your thinking and become and optimist.  You must change your habits, meaning any of the habits that lead you to smoke.

You need to think of all the good reasons to quit, but only those that make sense to you, personally, and think how much better your life would be if you quit smoking, but use specific reasons.  Write down the reasons you started smoking and the reasons you want to quit.  Again, these must be your own reasons!  Do not just use the reasons from anti-smoking ads you see on television or reasons others have used, they will not work unless they are reasons to which you are emotionally attached.  This will give you strength.

If you properly condition yourself mentally then you can certainly realize the commitment you have made to yourself. People are generally scared of the withdrawal effects without giving thought to the long term benefits of quitting. They never think that the pleasure, comfort and enjoyment that they are getting from smoking is short term. These feelings exist at a subconscious level. Studies say that we experience 60,000 thoughts a day, and unfortunately when you are scared of quitting smoking a high percentage of those thoughts can be negative.

So, remember, write it down.  Write down the reasons you want to quit smoking and use those reasons to start to motivate yourself. It’s not an easy task, but many have gone before you so you know it’s possible.

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